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The organizations listed on this site rely on outside donations to meet their goals and objectives. Most, if not all, could make good use of your monetary donations. Some organizations raise money for the sole purpose of donating it to other non-profits and are known as "pass-though" organizations. 

If you need some help deciding where to put your money, there are organizations that can help you do that as well (Justgive.org). 

Near and Far Aid

Near & Far Aid is an all volunteer organization working to end poverty in Fairfield County. 
P.O.Box 717
Southport, CT

JustGive was one of the first nonprofit organizations to channel the power of the Internet for online giving. Our commitment to charitable causes inspires us to create new ways for you to find, learn about, and support virtually any charity, anytime.  At JustGive, you can find charities you want to support, find everyday ways to support your causes, make safe secure online donations, and become a informed and knowledgeable donor. 

Click on the links below to be brought to the organization's online giving page.  (coming soon)
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