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Volunteer of the Month

Heather Gans



From Heather:

I have volunteered with the Kennedy Center for two summers. I found out about their programs online while searching for a summer volunteer program. I had never volunteered with anyone with special needs before my experience at the Kennedy Center, and it was a great place to start! Both summers, I worked at the Lighthouse Program, one of the Kennedy Center's summer programs. Each summer, I was paired up with a child with special needs in a school-setting. I sat with them throughout the day, basically shadowing them and going to the different activities with them. I was there to help them with their schoolwork, interacting with other children, and whatever other individual needs they had. My first summer there I was the only teen volunteer, and my second summer there were only three of us. Because of the amount of help needed, us teen volunteers were not usually together, as we mostly stayed with the kids we were paired up with.   I would definitely recommend volunteering with the Kennedy Center! In fact, I have already recommended it to a few friends who are looking for volunteer work. I learned a lot about myself during my experience there, and feel that I am a more confident person because of it. I liked this program in particular because of the one-on-one experience it gave me. The bond that I formed with these kids was very strong.  I loved my experience with the Kennedy Center and hope to continue next summer. 

About The Kennedy Center:

Celebrating Potential

People with disabilities have the same dreams as all of us. They want to live, work, have friends and be a part of their community. The Kennedy Center supports these desires and wishes by offering a broad range of programs and services for children, adults, and the elderly with diverse disabilities.


Since 1981, The Kennedy Center has sought and consistently achieved the highest accreditation from the CARF International (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) standards setting organization. The Kennedy Center is one of the most comprehensive rehabilitation facilities in the State of Connecticut, and currently supports 2,000 individuals with vocational, residential, educational, therapeutic, social and recreational programs and services.

By providing individually designed person-centered planning, family support and community involvement, The Kennedy Center creates a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families. Our dedicated staff work closely with each individual and their family members to explore every avenue of interest. Using a "Team" collaboration process, the individual is able to try new experiences and challenges that are often seen as impossible. It is the mission of The Kennedy Center to promote the empowerment of these individuals to achieve their optimal participation and inclusion in the community with both dignity and confidence



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