A positive impact of St. Baldrick's is how it draws so many in the community together for a common good. Many who may not have otherwise done so - including me! Neighbors who hear about the event offer to help in any way they can. Local businesses pitch in their talents to make the event more enjoyable for all. Kids hear their friend at school is shaving to raise money and they want to do it too, sometimes even forming teams. And I think that is an especially wonderful by-product. Teaching kids a sense of civic duty at an early age. They learn to put in an effort to help someone else, and St. Baldrick's does that in a fun and exciting way. The day turns into an uplifting gathering where you see so many families, friends and neighbors, all there in a common effort to make a difference in the lives of others dealing with a tragic situation. Bringing the community together like that is a pretty powerful and lasting by-product. 

From Courtney:

For the past six years I 've worked on St. Baldrick's Day. People get sponsored to shave their heads in solidarity with children who have lost their hair due to their cancer treatment. The St Baldrick's Foundation is incredible. They are the largest supporter of childhood cancer research grants outside of the US government. My neighbor and friend Dana McCreesh leads one of the events in Fairfield (as well as leading several other childhood cancer events). I began working on it when we first moved to town. I am now one of the organizers (along with Kristin Nierman).
This year after 12/14, I got involved politically for the first time since I was in college. I was one of several Fairfield leaders of the March for Change in Hartford in support of safer gun legislation. It is incredible to be part of something that against many odds, succeeded. Our work is not over but the activism of so many in CT got us off to an amazing start. I also help out at Mill Hill Elementary School, where two of my 3 children attend. When my preschooler begins Kindergarten I plan to spend more time on the two issues I have chosen to focus my time on - childhood cancer and gun safety laws. 
Working on these issues for me is about channeling my fear and frustration in a positive way. It has also helped connect me more to our community and introduced me to so many interesting people.