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We’ve all been there – you buy a new laptop (tv etc.) and your old one stares at you from the corner of the room. It doesn’t seem right just to toss it and yet 


“Once a child is matched with a mentor, we consider that child at promise” rather than “at risk”.  You will both have fun and feel the rewards”   - Anne Gribbon,  School Volunteer Association

For as a little as 4 hours a month, you could literally be a superhero, a total rockstar, unequivocally be THE (wo) man.

Who is the next American Here?  Who is the next American Rockstar?

Sounds great, right? Wondering if you’ll be forced to pump iron or solve the national debt crisis? Nope. Simply, 


A Child Who Cannot Read Becomes an Adult Who Cannot Read

One of the coolest initiatives I was able to participate in during my tenure as President of the Junior League of Eastern Fairfield County was the Dr. Seuss Throwdown. Together, with my Co-chairs, (Lynn Abramson from The United Way Board of Directors, Myra Healy from Read to Grow, and Jim Crispino from The United Way) we set a goal of 


Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity that is easy, flexible and has a profound impact on a child?


Mentoring a child is the opportunity for you! There are a few different ways to mentor depending on your schedule and preference.  See below for programs that allow you to mentor in school, after school, on the weekends or from home (on-line).  It is easy - All you need to be is you.


School Volunteer Association’s Mentoring Program
Anne Gribbon- Executive Director

Mentors meet with their child one hour a week at the child's school to talk, eat lunch, work on school projects or play games. This program does not run through the summer unless you make special arrangements. SVA offers a short training workshop for all new mentors. 

Jaimie DiSisto, Program Manager

Wi-mentoring is an innovative, internet-based, curriculum-driven mentoring program where mentors and mentees correspond weekly via email and attend four face-to-face program-sponsored events per year. Wi-mentor serves high school students in Bridgeport and Stratford, CT.


Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwestern Connecticut

(800) 240-7186

This mentoring program allows adults to find times that works for both the adult and the child (during school, after school and/or weekends). BBBS provides training and ongoing support to mentors.


The lasting effects of mentoring are many: better attendance in school, more likely to go to college, reduced risk for substance abuse, more positive social attitudes and relationships, and increased trust with parents just to name a few. Mentors do not act as social workers, tutors, counselors etc. Mentors act as friends and postive role models for their mentees. What could be easier? Call today!

Calling all ‘MEN’tors!

Mentoring isn’t just for moms. Male mentors can have a huge affect on a child who may be missing a positive male role model in their lives.  Find your mentoring program today!

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